Meet 9910 Problems Hay-Z IPA!  A collaborative beer between the Common and Parallel 49 brewing.  Over the past few months we teamed up to work on a beer that would represents the best from us both and we’re extremely proud of the result. 9910 problems (garnering it's name from our address and inspired by our love of music as a play on Jay Z's 99 problems ) is a Hazy IPA that boasts peach & tropical fruit aromas while flavours of honeydew, grapefruit flesh and peach rise up to meet the palate. Although Hay-z is an IPA, it is light-bodied and sessionable. It finishes with a resiny edge that is unexpected but also complimentary to this beer.  The Malts include - Pale, Oat and Melanoidin, and the Hops in the recipe include Mosaic, Amarillo, Simcoe.  Hazy IPAs, or New England IPAs are favourite amongst customers and staff alike at the Common, and pair well with burgers, chicken and beef dishes. We will be debuting our brand new brew as part of a full Parallel 49 tap takeover featuring 14 other delicious brews on February 26th.