Edmonton is in bloom and with the new summer season upon us it’s time for fresh new food options! As always, our menu features original dishes conceived and crafted by our Chef, Jesse Morrison-Gauthier. The new menu is described as, 

A flavour forward approach to spring dining with fresh and whimsical plates.
— Chef Jesse Morrison-Gauthier
the common fresh summer menu 2016 edmonton restaurant

When it comes to picking ingredients Jesse’s philosophy is to focus on 5 (or so) ingredients and then combine them into a menu through different cooking techniques of the same ingredient, which allows the theme of the season to translate throughout the entire menu.

The inspiration for the new menu? 

Freshness and an awakening of lighter ingredients. The fall menu was really warming and comforting while this menu is lighter and more vibrant. More melon, citrus, bitter greens and herbs matched with fattier meats and fish. I really enjoy the juxtaposition of citrus and fat for spring.
— Chef Jesse Morrison-Gauthier
the common edmonton best new summer menu

The new menu is chalk full of gluten free and vegan items, the most we’ve ever had on the menu since opening 4 years ago. But the new menu item that Jesse is most excited to share with us is neither...

the Thai Beef Curry with Injera is a super flavourful blend of Asian spices with Alberta beef and our take on Ethiopian crepe. It’s really my style blending different cuisines into one solid dish
— Jesse
The Common summer fresh menu best edmonton dining restaurant

Now you know his new favourite dish, and if you’ve eaten at the Common before then you probably know more about Jesse then you think. Jesse is a modest man, but his ingenious acts shine through on every plate of food that we serve. We thought it was only fair to share with you some insights from the man who is the heart of our kitchen…  

Q: How do you come up with new ideas for menu items?

I work with the seasons and associate what I like about that season and how I can form a dish around that. Like snap peas, I remember picking and eating from my grandmother’s garden and how fresh they tasted. I take that memory of freshness and convey it into a dish. My girlfriend Tressa is a huge participant in helping me with new ideas as we cook together often and discuss flavours, textures and ideas.
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Q: What’s something most people might not know about you?

I have two artistic aspects to my life cooking and breakdancing and have been doing both for 17 years now.

Q: If someone was visiting Edmonton for the first-and-only-time-ever what would you recommend they do?

Brunch at the Hotel Macdonald. Visit the river valley, Take the high level streetcar to Whyte ave and then hit a patio. Drive to Elk Island for a picnic and some trails. Dinner and dancing at the Common and to finish, Purple city at the Ledge (AKA the Legislature building).

Q: Do you have anything coming up that we should be aware of?

I will be participating in Indulgence, a slow food event on Mon June 6th where I am paired with Doef’s Greenhouse and Blindman Brewing Co.

Visit us soon to taste one of Jesse's newest creations, these menu items will be available for a limited time only.