Sour beer over the past couple years has been gaining mass popularity amongst beer enthusiasts. It can be a bit off-putting at first, this type of beer possesses a wide range of complex flavours and has beer lovers world wide enamoured. Its surprisingly the oldest beer in the world, not by choice though, for thousands of years beers were sour because humans didn’t know the existence of yeast & bacteria. Beer would become sour if not consumed quickly enough. 

Aged in wooden barrels and often fermented with a variety of different fruit, this beer is often enjoyed by wine drinkers as it shares some similar characteristics (acidity, dryness & fruit notes). 

We currently have local Alberta brewery, Blindman, supplying us with their small batch sour beer. It's dry-hopped with a citrusy Australian and tropical experimental hop, it's got bite! Make sure to swing by the common and introduce yourself to this unique style of beer.

Blindman Brewery Sour Beer Edmonton, Alberta