Born from the “work hard, play hard” Wall Street mentality, happy hour has grown to be a joyous tradition enjoyed by both Edmonton’s downtown crowd and New Yorkers alike. Happy hour is the ideal way to cap off a busy work day and enjoy some casual conversation with co-workers over proper eats and affordable drinks. Not sure you’ve earned the indulgence? Here are 5 reasons why you deserve to hit us up for Happy Hour…

1. Connect with Real People

Remember the days before Facebook? When a “Like” wasn’t the only human interaction you would have in a day? Happy hour, the twilight hours between work mode and night mode, is a chance to take off your tie, forget the day’s bottom lines, and relate to others beyond a computer screen.

2. Health Matters

If you’re getting happy with a couple of weekday cocktails, it’s better for your health to have them earlier in the night. That way the alcohol can run its course before bedtime and not disrupt your sleep.

3. Break Up the Monotonous Work Week

When it’s time to table the work day’s discussions, find a bar nearby and head straight there. Sharing a few beers with colleagues in a dimly lit space will get the creative juices flowing and encourage freedom of thought. Studies have shown that a slight buzz leads to sudden insights and improves problem solving.

4. Drink Specials

Monday - Friday from 3 – 6pm you can visit us to enjoy $2 off pints and glasses of wine, $1 off domestic bottles, cans and hi-balls. Plus, discounted dining on select appetizers from our restaurant.

5. Treat Yo’ Self

You work hard all week and it’s important to take a break from the grind and reward yourself for good behaviour. I mean, wine not? Psychologist, BF Skinner, has proved that positive reinforcement (wine) strengthens a behaviour (workin’ 9 - 5) by providing a consequence an individual finds favourable (a quality buzz).

Don’t wait five days till freedom, break up the grind today at our Happy Hour! Or join us anytime, day or night on Tuesdays for Happy Tuesdays – when Happy Hour specials are on, from open to close, because times are tough and we <3 you.