Don't think we could be any more excited to have this one of a kind DJ back, doing her thing at the Common. Last time Blondtron rolled through the Common it was a night to remember, filled with killer tunes, lots of laughs and non-stop booty shaking. Read up Blondtron in the following bio, and be sure to check out her soundcloud below. 

Dubbed "The new and next Canadian" while featured on the cover of Peace Magazine with Just Blaze, Blondtron has continued to live up to the hype. Her catch me if you can attitude has kept her bouncing forward in a never fading effort to see what she can bring the world of music next. Graduating top of her class as a Sound and Audio Engineer, Blondtron quickly took a leap that landed her a position in the Red Bull Music Academy in Melbourne. Shows in Tokyo, Los Angeles, San Diego and Vancouver soon followed leaving her scissor kicking the moon with such artists as Tittsworth, Afrobots, LA Riots, Oxy Cottontail and K-Os.

Witty humor, limitless energy, and an amazing ability to play to the crowd and get the dance floor burning gives Blondtron the capability of reaching millions. She will robot you into a dance-fever induced coma with her booty shaking remixes and mash-ups. How do you define the kind of music that's like "your ears are having sex with your brain"? Electro-booty bass-disco-rave-rap? It's genre-breaking fun and you won't know until you're in it.

To date she continues to roll hard, as a rising deejay - tv host and blogger for Schitz Popinov and the music director and co-founder of the Hotmess Radio show. Her continued success in these ventures has birthed appearances and collaborations with such artists as DJ Neoteric, Jokers of the Scene, NSQUARED, and AC Slater.

No matter the occasion or scene Blondtron continues to be a crowd pleaser both on and off the turntables. What will happen after your first Blondtron experience? You will leave with a heart-on.

Be sure to check out the pics from her previous visit to the Common.