Private Functions

Amenities include; private entrance, reception area, bar, seating for up to 50 people and cocktail reception style service for up to 75 people.

Private Bookings Dinner Buffet $37.00 Lunch Buffet $23.00 Canapés Set Menu

Call 780-452-7333 to book a reservation. The Common is an 18+ establishment.


Please be advised our guest list only includes no cover until midnight, it does not include priority entrance so we advise coming early in case the evening is busy, email for info.

We answer all emails personally so as to book you the best possible experience, we will reply as soon as we can.

Invented in 1904, by a 23 year old apprentice pharmacist, the banana split has been a long time north American Favourite. Originating out of  Latrobe, Pennsylvania this decadent dessert cost twice the price of regular sundaes (10 cents) and was soon a hit amongst local college students. Shortly after its invention, Walgreens adopted the dish as its signature dessert the causing it to spread across North America like wild fire. Swing by the Common and enjoy our twist on this amazing dessert.