Shambhala resident Joseph Martin is throwing down for his first time ever at The Common, and we are super stoked to have him. We sat down and asked him some questions, here is what he came up with:

1. How long have you been djing for?
I've been mixing records since 1998. I went to my first underground party in Vancouver around 1996 and caught the vinyl bug soon after. In my formative years, my father had a extensive music collection, so I was raised on classic rock & 80's pop, and as a teenager, I made loads of mix tapes.

2. What’s the craziest party you have ever played?
Caturday Morning Disco in the Fractal Forest at Shambhala has been an obvious career highlight for me, hundreds of smiling party goers decked out in cat-themed attire is pretty wild and puts a huge smile on my face. A close second has to be the Lotus Sound Lounge closing party a couple years ago, where things got appropriately out of hand, and that was even before the fire department arrived to turn off the sprinklers in the club.

3. What are your travel essentials?
Sunglasses, the latest issue of Wired and Popular Science, headphones, and a decent sci-fi flick on my laptop.

4. What type of music do you play?
When it comes to djing, I've always been a big pusher of the funky disco house sound, but will regularly lay out a set of indie dance, deep or jackin' house when appropriate. At home, I have a decent vinyl collection covering a bit of everything...hip hop, soul, downtempo, jungle, techno, progressive. 

5. Who are your favourite djs and why?
Currently, I'm really digging on DJ Rescue, J Paul Getto, Hazzaro, Block & Crown. Of course, people like DJ Dan and Mark Farina will always be classic djs to me, as they have championed the funky house sound. On the flip side, turntablist djs like JFB blow my mind with what they can do using turntables as an instrument.

6. 2pac or biggie?
Got to be Biggie, he is just so damn smooth.

7. Where do you see music going?
Ambient terrorcore is going to be huge! For real though, I think the current swell of EDM fans will soon tire of constant rave sirens and begin to seek out more mature sounds, leading to a renaissance for sub genres like drum & bass and underground house. On the production side, seeing as it is now quite easy to get the necessary tools, like a laptop & Ableton, with so many people using these same tools, I bet we will see a resurgence in the opposite direction, back to hardware synths & sequencers. I find it hard to be inspired hunched over a laptop, but in a room full of tactile instruments, being musically minded comes more naturally.

He will be playing alongside locally loved residents Sould Out Djs, Dane, Firesale

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